Obedience Classes

Puppy Kindergarten 

For puppies 10 weeks to 4 months old. This class emphasizes puppy socialization and the first
steps of basic training. Motivational methods and positive reinforcement are used. A buckle
collar and 6 ft. leash is required. We do use treats for the agility part of the class. 

Class Duration: 6 wks. $125.00 (before tax) 

This class is usually on Monday or Wednesday nights 6pm to 7pm.

Dog Obedience for Real Life- Basic Level

For Dogs that are 5 months and older. This class will teach you how to teach your dog the
basics: walking on a leash, come, sit, down, stay and wait. It teaches your dog to be a more
obedient pet. This class will help you understand how to train your dog and help you
understand how your dog learns. Socialization with people and other dogs is an important part
of the class. Also covered in class are basic control issues such as jumping, barking and pulling
on the leash. A 6ft leash is required. Flexi-Ieads can be used only in the recall part of class. 

Class Duration: 6 weeks- $130.00 (before tax) 

This class is usually on Tuesday nights 6pm to 7pm.


Competition Obedience 

This class is for people who want to start competing in obedience. We run different competition classes depending on what your goals are. Beginner obedience, novice, open and rally are some of the classes we offer. Please speak to Jessica with any further questions you may have about any of the classes

Class Duration: 6 weeks -$130.00 (before tax) 

Night depends on students' availability.

CGC Class (Canine Good Citizen) 

This class is designed to get you and your dog ready for the CGC test. We will go over all the test
requirements to better prepare you and your dog for the test. 

Class Duration: 6 weeks- $125.00 (before tax) 

Jessica can do a CGC test at any time on your dog when you feel you are ready.

Private Obedience 

We also private classes for those who can't make the hours of the group classes or who may have other problems they want to work on.

1/2 Hour at Central K-9 is $30.00 

1/2 Hour at your house or other location is $50.00

Intermediate Obedience 

This class is for a dog and handler that have completed a basic level or and equivalent course and wishes to improve and refine basic obedience skills. Heeling with more distractions, group stays, stand for examination, figure 8 and finishes will be covered in class.

Class Duration: 6 weeks- 130.00 (before tax) 

This class is usually on Tuesday nights 7pm to 8pm.